Welcome to Ekenäs!

In accordance with the donors' will Ekenäs mansion is open for scientific meetings and research activities. Ekenäs mansion was owned by the Lamm family and was used as a summer residence. The manor house still bears the stamp of a private residence and includes many unique items. The Foundation is very keen to preserve the prevailing atmosphere of a living home rather than a conference site and expects all visitors to show careful respect for the mansion's internal and external environment.
To create a pleasant and functional environment at scientific meetings, the Foundation is keen to inform visitors about our expectations. Therefore, the following rules and recommendations, decided upon by the Board of the Foundation, must be followed by all visitors to the Ekenäs mansion.
1.     Scientific meetings at Ekenäs mansion may include about 10-30 people. The mansion has 24 beds, but there are good places nearby in case the number of participants exceeds 24 people.
2.     Any changes in the details of an upcoming scientific meeting must, as soon as they become known, be communicated and discussed with the housekeeper. This may, for example, involve changes in the number of participants or conditions regarding allergies or dietary restrictions.
3.     In general visitors may not bring alcoholic drinks. Alcohol can, however, be served at meals, but only after consultation and planning with the housekeeper.
4.     Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms in the mansion, and may only take place outdoors on the patio outside the main entrance. Cigarette butts must be disposed of in a proper manner.
5.     It is each visitor’s responsibility to listen carefully to the information and instructions given by the housekeeper.
6.     After meals, visitors take care of their own dishes and place them in the designated place in the dining room.
7.     On departure, visitors must remove the bedding and deposit it at the place indicated by the housekeeper.
This document is distributed to every applicant whose application for a scientific meeting is approved and is also available in the conference room as well as in every bedroom of the mansion.