Call for proposals for field trials on arable or forest land at Ekenäs 

The Oscar and Lili Lamms Memorial Foundation runs the Ekenäs farm and its agriculture, via the wholly-owned company Lamms Lantbruk AB, consisting of about 400 ha, of which around 300 ha is leased from farms in the area. The pasture amounts to about 100 ha. In addition to the arable area, there are about 160 hectares of forest. 

The Foundation is now announcing funding for field trials on arable or forest land on Ekenäs farm. Up to SEK 1 million per year is allocated by the Foundation for this purpose. 

The following conditions must be met in order for an application to be considered valid for assessment:

  • The application must describe a field trial on either arable or forest land on properties managed by the foundation's wholly-owned company Lamms Lantbruk AB.
  • The application must describe the structure, purpose, hypotheses, materials, methods, etc. for the implementation of the field trial. A detailed budget must be included in the application. 
  • The organisation responsible for the management of the field trial must be specified.
  • The described field trial should also constitute one of the sites in a series of field trials where the purpose is to answer a scientific question of a more general and comprehensive nature. The project plan must clearly describe how the intended research can lead to new methods and approaches with a view to more environmentally friendly and resource-conserving agriculture or forestry.
  • The applicant (project manager) must be employed at a Swedish university, university college, research institute or equivalent organisation. Organisations that are normally eligible to apply to Swedish government research funders can apply for funding under this call.
  • The application can be written in Swedish or English.
  • The application is submitted in the Foundation's portal. See the portal for further details on how the application should be formulated.

The application must be received by the Foundation no later than October 21, 2024. The application portal is planned to open August 12, 2024. Any questions can be answered by the Foundation's secretary: (0705 28 80 63).